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The quality of the electric scooter is judged from these six aspects!
Dec 06, 2017

In fact, in the purchase of the electric scooter, it can be mainly judged from six aspects, basically there will not be big problems. The first is to judge from the speed of the deceleration performance level of the vehicle. In fact, in the course of riding, many users encountered such problems: It is accelerating gently, and then the vehicle runs out.  And when decelerating, the vehicle is slowly slowing down, but the vehicle is constantly dithering.    
The second question is to compare the lightning acceleration ability of the electric scooter, which must be very important for many users. To solve this problem, not only allow users to fully experience the freedom of the ride, but also solve the problem of slow start, climbing difficulty.
The third problem is the cost of replacing the battery. In the electric scooter, the battery is also one of the core components, which directly determines the vehicle endurance mileage. The so-called good battery should have a strong endurance ability, and be more durable.
The fourth point is the charging performance of the electric scooter. As we all know, in the daily use process, it often needs to be constantly charged to ensure enough endurance mileage.
The fifth problem is the ability of the electric scooter to automatically detect the road surface. This requires the function of the controller to achieve this purpose, thereby significantly improving the safety of travel on rainy days.
The last question is the waterproof performance of the electric scooter. This point hopes that when purchasing the electric scooter, we must pay attention to the waterproof performance of the electric scooter, including shell protection, motor storage and so on.

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