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The reason of premature aging of battery life for electric scooter
Jan 27, 2018

1. The car owners have no awareness of  electric scooter’s battery maintenance, causing serious damage to the battery.Must wait for the battery to run not to move to repair maintenance, at this time repair difficulty increases.In fact, 6 months of maintenance, the life of the natural extension of a lot, but the car owners do not have this awareness.Battery damage, mostly from the charger caused by excessive water loss.

2. Charger is electric scooter killer.Subgrade chargers and aging chargers, these battery killers typically play a killer role after 8 months of battery life.The reason is that the new batteries fit these battery killer flavors. As the battery ages, the battery fails to meet the killer's requirements. By June, the battery is rapidly losing water and deforming.

3. High electric current of luxury electric scooter causes the battery vulcanization.If the car owner starts the car slowly, the battery life and mileage will naturally increase by 20%.

4. Damage to motor controller, resulting in short battery life.It's not very likely, but there's a lot of it.

5. No loss of electricity and long life.The new battery charges the battery every time it USES the red light, but it can't run.Every time the loss of electricity, life is less, 10 losses of new batteries are also soon scrapped, to timely charge to avoid loss of electricity.

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