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The superiority of electric brake in the modern electric motorcycle
Nov 07, 2017

Electric motorcycleas a kind of electric vehicle has early appeared in people's life. Based on light, safety, energy saving, and environmental protection, the electric motorcycle has become one of the main choices of modern people travel mode. With the progress of technology, the maneuverability of modern electric motorcycle has also become better, especially its braking aspects.
The modern electric motorcycle uses the electric brake. The electric brake is a device which uses the motor to the ball screw to push the piston to generate the brake pressure. In the riding of the modern electric motorcycle, the operating angle of the brake pedal can be tested through the sensor. So that it can feedback to the piston stroke and control the braking force.


Not only that, the modern electric motorcycle brake pedal also is equipped with the simulator piston, like the production of the reaction feeling. When the electrical system fails, the simulator piston can play the role of the main cylinder, to ensure the braking force for the brake without the power device.
Because the reacting force of the brake pedal of the modern electric motorcycle is not stiff, the characteristics of the simulator can be changed freely according to the requirements of the customers. The reacting force of the ordinary brake is affected by many factors such as the rigidity of the brake caliper and flexible brake hose, it cannot be changed simply.
In the modern electric motorcycle, in addition to the use of the angle signal of the brake pedal to control, it also accepts the collision avoidance system issued instructions. When the instruction arrives, the motor does not feed back in the piston stroke, but gives full force to the piston, while the signal from the collision avoidance system will not be delayed.
However, if it is human operation, there are many factors of braking delay, such as the movement of feet from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal need time, the brake pedal U-clip instability, and brake pedal reaction force and seat spring factors make the driver backward and so on.

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