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The usage advantages and battery selection requirements of the simple electric motorcycle
Dec 11, 2017

The simple electric vehicle is small in size, small in occupied space and it convenient to park. The simple electric vehicle has a certain convenience and a good pedal riding function, which can meet the double requirements of electric energy saving and foot-stepping fitness for some people.

Simple electric vehicle is relatively inexpensive and very economical and practical. The choice of the electric vehicle battery is also very important. In general, a good battery can greatly reduce the use and maintenance cost.


The battery of the simple electric vehicle can be divided into the lithium ion battery and lead-acid battery. Battery price difference of different brands of  is bigger. For lithium batteries, the difference between different categories is greater. The price difference between the Class II batteries and Class I batteries is different. Ordinary people are hard to distinguish the quality of batteries, and the price proportion of the battery is very large. Therefore, through the brand selection of batteries can avoid choosing bad batteries.

The quality of the charger in simple electric vehicles is also critical because many fire accidents are caused by short circuit of the charger. Chargers not only affect safety, but also have a direct impact on the battery service life. Many batteries have only one year service life, not because of the quality of the battery itself, but because consumers choose a charger of substandard quality.

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