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Use and maintenance of small electric motorbike
Jan 22, 2018

The use and maintenance of small electric motorbikes, the first point is concerned, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to adjust the height of the saddle and the handlebar so that the small electric car in the safest and most comfortable position, especially the height of the saddle, the best That is, it should be in the process of riding need to stop both feet while landing on the ground; test small electric car braking device is not effective and reliable.


When using and maintaining a small electric motorbike, it is imperative to pay attention to checking the battery level: It is especially important to watch the power level on the monitor when the power is switched on, especially after long-term shelving. Also need to check the electric horn, lighting and other driving safety components to ensure effective.


When using a small electric motorbike, that is, we must pay attention to be sure to look at the rotation of the site to observe the front and rear wheels and pedals, crank, sprocket, chain, flywheel is not normal operation, observe whether it will have Foreign body rub touch. When using a small electric car, pay attention to ensure that the tire pressure must be appropriate.


Small electric vehicles in the riding time, must be to comply with the relevant road traffic rules. Do not cross the red light, should ride in the slow lane above, you can not ride in the fast lane above. When the crowded traffic should pay attention to turn off the power door, human riding. Turn time must be to slow down, avoid speeding, small angle sharp turn to avoid excessive centrifugal force phenomenon.


small electric motorbikes in the uphill, the bridge or the wind against the wind riding, it should be used at the same time the power and manpower to reduce the battery, the motor load. Small electric vehicles should be started when starting, should be started when the foot pedal three or four laps have a certain speed, pay attention to connect the circuit, which is especially important in traffic heavy traffic lights and lots. Avoid frequent zero start to look forward to extending the life of small electric vehicles.

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