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Use of electric motorcycle cushions
Aug 27, 2018

The battery cushion of the electric motorcycle must be equipped with a battery cushion, so that it can effectively prevent the electric vehicle from being bumped during the riding process to cause the battery to sway in the battery box, thereby avoiding battery damage. Early failure. The electrolyte in the battery is highly corrosive and acidic. Do not splash on the skin or clothing. If it is splashed on the skin or eyes, rinse it with water immediately. If it is serious, it should be sent to hospital for treatment.

Whether electric motorcycles increase the operating power of electric vehicles by increasing the battery voltage or increasing the working current, if there is no reasonable design and strict testing, there will be great safety hazards. Many electric vehicles in the market are equipped with 72~110V voltage, but because of cost or space layout problems, there is no corresponding level of insulation protection, there is a great potential safety hazard. As a manufacturer, this is extremely irresponsible behavior. As a consumer, you should choose a reliable manufacturer for your own safety.

The automatic device of the electric motorcycle is also set to be partly provided for the deceleration or parking of the vehicle, and is usually composed of a brake and its operating device. In an electric vehicle, there is generally an electromagnetic brake device that can realize the power generation operation of the motor by using a control circuit for driving the motor, and convert the energy during the deceleration braking into a current for charging the battery, thereby being recycled.

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