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What are the harmful effects of overcharging and undercharging of electric scooter batteries?
Apr 27, 2018

Overcharging means that the battery charging current is greater than the battery's acceptable current, and the excess is overcharged. Overcharging is mainly due to the side reaction of electrolyzed water. Since the oxygen produced by the battery's positive electrode is transferred to the negative electrode and oxygen composite reaction occurs, heat will be generated. The actual conversion of the overcharged quantity into heat causes the battery temperature to rise. If it is not controlled, it will result in a large amount of water loss. In severe cases, the capacity of “thermal runaway” will be drastically reduced, and even the deformation will be faulty. Undercharge is generally referred to as unfilled electricity, which is often under the condition of insufficient charge, it will gradually form a thick and hard lead sulfate, which is almost insoluble, that is, the so-called "irreversible sulfation", which cannot be achieved by ordinary methods. Charged, so the capacity quickly decays once and for all.

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