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What are the main electrical components in electric motorcycles?
Apr 13, 2018

The battery is an important part of the source of power for electric motorcycles. With the improvement of the technical level, the battery of electric motorcycles is becoming increasingly powerful. At the same time, consumers do not have to worry about the problems of short mileage and long service life of electric motorcycles.


Of course, we must be careful when choosing an electric motorcycle. You know, the battery will affect the operation of other "organs" such as motors, chargers, and controllers. First of all, it depends on whether the battery manufacturer has the strength and whether the product quality is excellent; secondly, pay attention to the service life of the battery.


Closely related to the battery, the charger is also an indispensable part of the electric motorcycle. In fact, the quality of the charger is directly related to the length of the battery life, and even some low-quality chargers can cause the battery to become deformed. Therefore, in the production, the regular manufacturers usually support the production of chargers and batteries. It is also recommended that everyone should pay attention to the selection of regular manufacturers of chargers, and do the charger manufacturers and battery manufacturers consistent.


In electric motorcycles, there are two other very important electrical components, namely the motor and the controller, which are also the backbone of the vehicle's operation. Professionals explained that the motor is the key to the start and acceleration of the car, and the efficiency of the motor will directly lead to the battery life. At the same time, the controller is equivalent to the “organ” of the vehicle stepless speed regulation, brake power failure, soft start and other functions. If the design is unreasonable and the current limit is too large, it will also seriously affect the life of the battery and the motor.


Therefore, in the purchase of electric motorcycles, we must distinguish these key components. Iridium has to test drive in person and feel more. In the test drive process, you can experience the performance of electric motorcycles such as start-up, acceleration, constant speed, braking, and balance.

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