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What is the difference between the 60V electric scooter and 48V electric scooter?
Dec 04, 2017

Most of the electric vehicle products sold in the market are 48V. In addition, there is a special 60V electric scooter product. In fact, it refers to the electric vehicle battery  whose labeled voltage is 60V. So, what special performance does this 60V electric scooter have?
First of all, the prices of these two kinds of electric vehicles have a certain difference. By comparison, the price of the 48v electric scooters will be lower and the price of 60V electric scooters will be higher. This is mainly due to the difference in configuration between them. The battery pack configured by the former is mainly composed of four 12 v batteries in series. And the latter is composed of 5 batteries in series.
In addition, the performance of the important components of the two electric vehicles is different. This is mainly reflected in the motor, controller, tire, braking system and so on. Generally, the configuration of the 60V electric scooter is relatively high.
In addition, the power, ride speed and carrying capacity of two types of electric vehicles are obviously different. Generally, the motor power of the 60V electric scooter will be higher, and the driving speed is faster and the load capacity is greater. If there is constant climbing, then certainly this kind of electric vehicle is more suitable.
What needs to be reminded is that, in fact, when purchasing electric vehicles, we can choose the vehicle according to the economic ability and individual demand. If you want to be fast, and often carry a pillion passenger, then it is recommended to choose the 60V electric scooter. At the same time, it is suggested that we should choose the normal manufacturers, and do not choose some farraginous brands.
This is because these normal manufacturers produce the 60V electric scooters will be more secure. For example, several technical tests in the design of the safety of the 60V electric scooter, and battery, motor loss rate and so on will be carried out, so as to ensure the safety of electric vehicle performance. At the same time, the after-sales service provided by manufacturers is also more thoughtful and comprehensive.

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