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Why is good lithium motorcycle?
Jan 13, 2018

Lithium motorcycle is not only more lightweight, but also has a more gorgeous concise appearance, it gradually attracted a large number of consumers attention. Here, some of my friends may not help but have questions: how good lithium battery electric car in the end? Is it really good that everyone says?
Lithium motorcycle do not belong to the mainstream electric car, but from the sales situation to analyze, its annual increment is very impressive, or even more than the traditional electric car. In comparison, its special fact is that the original lead-acid batteries or batteries replaced by lithium batteries in terms of
In response to this problem, everyone's point is more uniform, first of all, due to the lighter weight of lithium batteries and longer life, so it is equivalent to enhance the convenience and mileage of lithium-ion electric vehicles, Improve the user experience.

new scooters  .jpg

Lithium battery is a new energy, not only long life, light weight, small size, but also very environmentally friendly. The power performance of lithium battery electric cars and ordinary models of electric bicycles dynamic performance is similar, but the weight of lithium batteries is only about 1/5 of lead-acid batteries.

Not only that, lithium motorcycle battery also has no activation features, that is to say when the lithium battery will be placed in a period of time to sleep. However, as long as 3 to 5 times the normal charge-discharge cycle can activate the battery to restore normal capacity.

From the above description, the main difference between lithium battery electric vehicles lies in the different batteries used. Because of this, as lithium batteries have many excellent properties, but also for the development and application of lithium battery electric car has laid a good foundation.

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