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why to charge when used the 72v electric motorcycles?
Jan 06, 2018

In the process of using 72v electric motorcycles, it is generally necessary to charge before discharging. This is because the battery from production to the factory, to use, this process takes about one to two months time. During this time, manufacturers will be fully charged 72v electric motorcycles, and then placed. Then the battery still discharges its own part of the energy during placement.


With the extension of time, the actual battery power will be lower and lower, until finally become a virtual electricity. In this case, if you continue to use, then there will be two cases, one is that consumers will mistakenly think that the battery capacity is not large. Another phenomenon is excessive discharge, which will cause some damage to 72v electric motorcycles battery.

 72v  electric motorcycles.jpg

For 72v electric motorcycles, the battery life is not only related to their own quality, but also with the daily habits and maintenance related. Want to use longer, then it means to strengthen maintenance. Over-discharge is precisely the violation of maintenance to cause the battery life is one of the important reasons for the decline. In addition, charging in time has many benefits. For example, to extend battery life.


Of course, I believe most people want to be able to use for a long time when buying a 72v electric motorcycles battery, which will not only reduce the trouble but also save money. In addition, to develop good charging habits can also enhance the vehicle's battery life to a certain extent. This will provide more convenience for our daily use.

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