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Zero electric motorcycle brake system and motor hub maintenance measures
Mar 30, 2018

In the entire zero-electric motorcycle, the braking and transmission system is an important component to ensure the safety of people's vehicles. Therefore, we must do daily inspection and maintenance to ensure its zero failure. Specific attention should be paid to the following: before and after the use of the vehicle, check whether the braking performance of the front and rear brakes is good. Pay attention to increasing the braking distance during rain, snow, and downhill running. Slow down and brake ahead to prevent accidents.


At the same time, it is always checked whether the electric brake levers of the zero electric motorcycle are effective or not, especially the left brake lever that controls the rear brake. If the power failure fails, it is very likely that the controller will be damaged during use. In addition, regular inspections, wiping, and lubrication are performed on the transmission parts such as the front axle, the center axle, the flywheel, and the chain of the zero electric motorcycle to prevent normal use due to corrosion.


In addition to the maintenance of this key component, the electric wheels of the zero electric motorcycle should not be ignored. During the use of the zero electric motorcycle, the user generally does not need to maintain and maintain the internal parts of the motor, and only needs to check the state of the fasteners installed on the rear fork of the electric wheel hub.


Zero electric motor is a hub type rare earth permanent magnet DC motor, which has the characteristics of large output torque and high efficiency in the working range. In the ordinary driving process, it should be noted that if the water depth of the rainy day road area exceeds the center of the electric wheel hub, it is necessary to pay attention to the motor seepage and cause motor failure.


In addition, the electric hub of the zero electric motorcycle should not be subjected to severe impact, and it should not be forcibly started in the blocked state. When the zero electric motorcycle cannot start due to obstruction, do not start it repeatedly. Start the motor after removing the obstruction of the electric vehicle.

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