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Electric Scooter Battery Maintenance Method
Apr 28, 2018

Use charger correctly

1. Determine if the AC power source and charger input voltage match.

2. Determine if the charger output voltage matches the battery's rated voltage.

3. First plug the plug that the charger is connected to the battery box, and then plug in the AC power plug.

4. The charger is for indoor use and should be protected against moisture and vibration. It is forbidden to cover during charging and should be placed in a ventilated place.

The battery can not be charged at any time

1. The lead-acid battery is not a lithium battery and cannot be charged at any time. The life of the lead-acid battery is calculated according to the number of impulse discharges. The battery is most afraid of depletion, and the battery power is often kept to extend the life of the battery.

2. When the charger is charging, the indicator light of the charger is green light after the red light first. After the light turns green, float charge should be ensured for 2 hours, which is good for inhibiting the battery vulcanization.

Prevent battery overcharge

1. The battery has been overcharged to generate a large amount of gas to flush the plate, accelerating the shedding of active material on the plate, and shortening the life of the battery.

2. Battery overcharge accelerates dehydration, causing the electrolyte to dry up and battery temperature to rise, causing thermal runaway, plate expansion, and shell deformation.

Prevent battery over-discharge

In the use of battery car skill, but also extend the battery life. Long-term deep-discharge will cause the battery plate to soften and shorten its service life.

1. Prevent large-current discharges and use feet as much as possible when starting, uphill, and upwind. 2. To prevent long-time discharge, do not always put finished driving. Charge when the battery is reduced by 1/2.

Prevent battery loss

For a battery that is not used for a long period of time, it should be fully charged once a month. It is generally better to continue charging the charger for five hours after the red light turns green.

Regular care battery

Although the electric vehicle battery is maintenance-free, after the battery is used for half a year, the battery will suffer from vulcanization and softening, which will cause the battery capacity to decrease or even fail due to the continuous consumption of water. Choosing to supplement nano carbon sol battery activator and proper amount of distilled water (not much more) can extend the service life of the battery to more than two years

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