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Electric Scooter Battery Under What Circumstances Need To Carry Out Maintenance Charge?
May 07, 2018

The electric scooter battery needs to be maintained and charged in one of the following cases:

 (1) The battery capacity decays decelerating too quickly;

(2) The backward battery occurs;

(3) After the battery has lost fluid, refill the fluid;

(4) After the battery is left for a long time;

(5) After the battery has been severely discharged;

(6) The battery is working in a low-temperature environment for a long time;

(7) Irrational charging parameters for long-term under-charging; How to determine the charging parameters for charging; Generally, constant voltage current limiting charging or Stage constant current charging. The parameters before and after charging are basically the same with the car charger, but the maximum charging voltage is increased to a higher level in the later charging period. That is, WD charging is used to perform deep charging to repair the battery that has fallen behind. Maintenance charging is also called equalizing charging.