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Electric Scooter Controller's Anti-vehicle Function And Alarm Function
May 10, 2018

Anti-carriage protection function: Solved the phenomenon of rapidity of the brushless electric scooter controller due to steering or line faults, improving the safety of the system.

Anti-theft alarm function: Ultra-quiet design, the introduction of automotive-grade remote control anti-theft concept, anti-theft stability is higher, in the alarm state can lock the motor, the alarm horn sound effects up to 125dB or more, with a strong deterrent. And with self-learning function, remote control distance of up to 150 meters will not produce error.

Reversing function: The controller increases the reversing function. When the user is in normal riding, the reversing function is invalid; when the user stops, pressing the reversing function key can carry out auxiliary reversing, and the maximum reversing speed does not exceed 10km/h.

Remote control function: Using advanced remote control technology, up to 256 encryption algorithm, multi-level sensitivity adjustable, better encryption performance, and no heavy code phenomenon occurs, which greatly improves the stability of the system, and has a self-learning function, remote control Distances of up to 150 meters will not produce errors.

High-speed control: adopts the latest single-chip microcomputer designed for motor control, and adds a new BLDC control algorithm, which is suitable for low-speed, medium-speed or low-speed motor control below 6000rpm.

Motor phase: 60 degrees and 120 degrees. The motor is automatically compatible. No matter whether it is a 60-degree motor or a 120-degree motor, it can be compatible without modifying any settings.