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Electric Scooter Safety Charging Six Attention Away From Electric Car Fire
May 28, 2018

In recent years, with the increase in the number of electric scooter, the number of fire accidents caused by electric scooters has increased dramatically. The fire officer reminded that the analysis of electric vehicle fires was mostly due to the long charging time, which led to a short circuit in the charger. Firefighting reminds us to get rid of the bad habits of electric scooters such as overnight charging, and it is a good habit to safely charge electric vehicles.

Electric scooter safety charging should pay attention to: 1, when charging is not close to the fire source, away from flammable, flammable materials; 2, do not use a quick charger; 3, not for the charge of private cable access; 4, charging time should not be too long, In principle, no more than 10 hours; 5, abnormality should be immediately powered off when charging; 6, not in the building hall, walkways and stairwells charge.