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Electric Scooter Three-stage Charger Charging Method
May 15, 2018

The correct charging method: 1, after the green light and then charge 2-3 hours. 2, the principle is to lay shallow (electric) ground charge (electricity), each time after using 50% charge, do not charge too often this will shorten the battery life 3, long-term do not ride, to regular (1 month) charge once. 4, long-term shallow battery, 3 months or so, for a deep discharge, the so-called light recharge, is conducive to the deep-living battery of the long-term immobility of the material activation. The meaning of the light is to ride the controller battery undervoltage protection action.

Need to remind customers a few points: 1, after the new battery is put into use for 8-10 months, the battery should be checked and maintained. 2. The chargers that are commonly used in famous brand cars are screened and are usually not tested. However, the non-matching chargers that are purchased separately from the market must be tested with the aforementioned three parameters. 3. There is a thyristor charger without power frequency transformer. Directly rectify the utility power to charge the battery. The current can be up to 30A. The voltage is 12V-80V adjustable. Do not touch the battery before cutting off the commercial power completely. Customers who use this kind of charger for three rounds should pay special attention to safety.