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How To Calculate The Endurance Of Electric Vehicles
Apr 19, 2018

There are several kinds of acceleration force, tire rolling resistance, wind resistance, and transmission system resistance that cause the vehicle to consume energy.

Acceleration resistance is well understood. It takes energy to drive the vehicle from rest. The heavier the vehicle, the more energy it consumes to accelerate to the same speed. When driving at a constant speed, it is considered that there is no acceleration resistance.

The tire rolling resistance and the transmission resistance are basically not affected by the vehicle speed and are about a constant value. Because force * speed = power

Therefore, the power consumed by these two resistances is linearly related to the speed of the vehicle.

The wind resistance is quite special, which belongs to the category of fluid mechanics. Under the condition that the vehicle windage coefficient is constant, the resistance and speed are about the 3rd power ratio, which means that the speed is double and the resistance is 8 times.

Motorcycles and electric vehicles are generally the result of published flat road uniform tests. However, these two types of tests are prerequisites - the test speed, the impact on endurance capacity is enormous.

In the case of even road speed tests, there is no acceleration due to constant speed driving. The energy consumed during driving can be seen as including only tire resistance, transmission system resistance and wind resistance. The first two kinds of resistance are linearly related to the vehicle speed.