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How To Charge The Electric Scooter Correctly
Jun 06, 2018

Electric scooter  have become a must-have tool for transportation in life. Basically, every family needs to have one, then do you know how to charge it correctly? Many people do not know whether the battery of an electric vehicle should be discharged or recharged. There are more and more friends riding electric cars on the street, but few know the right way to charge an electric vehicle battery. How to charge an electric car battery today?


1, to maintain the battery's power status, riding electric bicycles every day, regardless of 10-50km, should be added to the charge, so that the battery is in a "full state", and the day to charge, run out of idle for a few days and then charge, easy Vulcanization occurs and capacity drops.


2. Perform regular deep discharge: It is recommended that you use one deep discharge after two months, that is, long-distance cycling until the under-voltage indicator flashes, the power is used up, and then the battery is recharged to restore the battery capacity, also let you understand the current battery Capacity level, whether maintenance is required.


3, prohibit the loss of electricity storage: storage loss of the battery will seriously affect the service life, if the idle time is longer, the more serious damage to the battery.