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How To Maintenance Electric Motorcycle Brake Breakdown ?
Jun 08, 2018

     a) The brake power switch is broken:

     i For the mechanical normally open switch, the cause of the uninterrupted power is that the contact contact spring piece and the contact cannot be contacted. The repair method can be used to solve the problem. If it cannot be repaired, replace the power switch.

     Ii For the electronic low-potential power-off switch, the replacement method can only be adopted.

     → Quick judgment method: Short the purple and green wires at the output of the controller. If there is a power failure, it is the cause of the brake power switch. If the power is off, it belongs to the controller.

     b) Burnout of Controller: Short the purple and green wires at the output end of the controller. If the controller is uninterrupted, the controller must be replaced.