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The Shortage Of Electric Scooter Charger Constant Voltage Charging And Matters Needing Attention
May 15, 2018

Electric scooter charger - constant voltage charging means that each single cell is charged with a certain constant voltage (generally taking the number of cells per cell x 2.5V). Its main features are: the initial charge current is quite large, the battery electromotive force and the relative density of the electrolyte rise quickly, with the charging current continues to decrease the charging current, in the final charging phase only a small current through; charging time is short, energy consumption Low, generally 4~5h after charging, the battery can obtain 90%~95% of its own capacity. If the charging voltage is selected properly, the whole charging process can be completed in 8 hours, and the entire charging process does not require human care, so it is widely used in supplementary charging. .

The deficiency of constant voltage charging is:

As the initial charging current is too large, charging the battery with a large discharge depth will cause the initial charging current to rise rapidly, which will easily cause the overcharge of the battery being charged and the charging equipment to be damaged. In the charging process, since the charging current cannot be adjusted, it is not Applicable to initial charging and desulfurizing charging of the battery; Since it is difficult to compensate for changes in the battery voltage during the charging process, it is difficult to completely charge the battery with slower capacity recovery.

Use the constant voltage charging method should pay attention to the following matters:

1 Select the charging voltage correctly. If the charging voltage is too high, it will cause the charging current at the initial stage of charging to be too large. In severe cases, it will cause the plate to bend, a large amount of active material to fall off, and the temperature rise of the battery is too high. If it is too low, the battery will be insufficiently charged, resulting in reduced capacity and shortened life.

2 The terminal voltage of the charged battery must be exactly the same.